5 Incredible Day Trips To Take Near Seattle

If you’re familiar with the city of Seattle, then you know it has quite a number of attractive places you can visit for day trips. From stunning parks to easily recognized monuments like the space needle, there’s no end to the number of fun day trips you can have in this beautiful Washington city.

On the other hand, there are those who might not be as familiar with this amazing city, or those who are looking for things they can do outside of the city! Well, we’ve found the 5 best day trips you can take near Seattle that are just as exciting as what Seattle has to offer. From factories to waterfalls, here are our top picks for amazing day trips near Seattle.

Snoqualmie Falls 

This waterfall is nothing short of breathtaking. In fact, it’s counted among the most stunning waterfalls located in North America. It stands at about 270 ft high and the beautiful water is always a sight to behold. Plus, you can visit year-round. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery either on a picnic or hiking trip. Or, you can get a good view and take stunning pictures (totally Instagram worthy) from the strategically placed observation decks littered around the falls. If you would like to get some R&R while on your daytime excursion, you can visit the Salish Lodge and Spa for some pampering before you head back home. There are also lush restaurants that offer some of the tastiest meals in this serene location, so you can get a bite to eat as you admire the scenery.

Orcas Island 

Whale watchers get in here because the self-proclaimed Emerald Isle of Washington state offers some of the best views of whales! This little island is a must-see for all those looking for exciting places to visit near Seattle. The town is romantic with its rustic buildings, quaint hamlets and irresistible charm. Be careful not to fall in love with this island as most people do, as it makes it unbearable to leave the charming town behind. The clear blue waters are picture perfect and have been the source of inspiration for many paintings. As you might have guessed, they also offer whale-watching cruises!

Boeing Factory 

We’re all familiar with the famous Boeing planes that take us around the world; but, did you know that just a few hours away from Seattle you can catch a glimpse into the world of aircraft construction? A trip to the Boeing factory gives visitors some insight into America’s contribution to the aviation industry. In addition, you can learn about the extensive and interesting history of airplanes and what humanity hopes to do with flight. Plane enthusiasts will have so much fun learning about everything that goes into creating and maintaining a Boeing aircraft. Plus – who knows? You might even get a souvenir or keepsake to take home with you.

Mount St. Helens

The view of mount St.Helen’s creates the perfect backdrop for photographs, and is also an ideal spot for daydreaming. However, this site’s popularity is driven by something else. In the ‘80s, Mount St. Helens was home to a devastating volcanic eruption. The volcano is still active; although, there will likely be no eruptions during your day visit, so fear not. In addition, there are lots of other activities you can engage in while you take in the sights. You can even get close enough to inspect some of the results of the eruption from 1980 and look at the crater from the Johnston Ridge Observatory while you trace the flow of lava. This destination is nothing short of epic, and visitors of all ages are sure to get a thrill out of a day trip spent here.

Mount Rainier National Park 

Last, but certainly not least, on our list is one incredible place that definitely has a spot on the list of the most beautiful places in the entire world. Mount Rainier is 14,410 ft above sea level and cuts a striking, imposing, but gentle figure surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers. This location is a geographical wonder. Lovers of nature will thoroughly enjoy a day trip to this stunning mountain park destination. The park is among the most notable landmarks in Washington, and it has picnic spots, hiking trails and dining spots where you can eat and take in the view.


Undoubtedly, Washington has some truly beautiful sites that make the perfect spots for day trips leaving from Seattle. Interested in visiting any of these places? The smartest way to get there and bring your friends in tow is through renting a passenger van. We have different options of vans to suit your group’s size, all available at affordable costs that ensure you don’t dip too far into your pockets to travel comfortably.