8 Critical Van Security Features Every Business Should Have

If you need to rent a van for your business but just don’t know where to start evaluating security features, know that we can help you with that. This is a little discussed subject, but it is of great importance.

Safety items go far beyond the obvious and having this in your van will help you transport your passengers with much more peace of mind. Our vans offer all these features and luckily you won’t have to worry about them.

Many companies that provide van rental services don’t care about this, leaving these features aside, but it can pose a serious problem along your travels.


Discover 8 Crucial Safety Features Every Van Should Have

If you’re new to van rental and aren’t quite sure how it works, understand that safety should always come first.

As with passenger cars, vans must also strictly follow some very important rules. But, most of the time, because it is public transport, passengers do not pay attention to it.

Today we will discuss this subject a little more, so you can stay on top of the main ways to keep your passengers or goods safer. Study the company that will supply you with the van well, to make sure that it does not fail to provide any of these resources.

No matter how new and beautiful the vans are, always give priority to those that meet safety standards, this will make all the difference.


Seat belts in all seats

The seat belt is certainly the most important point in all this text. In the event of crashes or accidents, all passengers wearing this protection are secured to the seat, without twisting or falling.

In cases of more serious accidents, seat belts can save lives, so it is essential that the renter is informed about whether or not the van has seat belts available on all seats.

But still, it is worth remembering that passengers should be reminded about the importance of wearing seat belts. If possible, check that all seat belts are buckled, so you can ensure a much smoother trip.


Emergency exit

As hidden as it may be, most modern vans have emergency exits located in the windows, so passengers can sneak out in the event of an accident.

This can be a crucial feature so that the passenger does not end up stuck in hardware, so always give preference to vans that already have this type of security item.

Before leaving with the van, ask the lessor about where these exits are located and, before starting your journey, explain this to passengers collectively. This way you guarantee time and safety for everyone along the way.


Signs on the steps

Mainly if you are going to take children or the elderly, it is extremely important that the steps, if any, are very well signposted. In this way it becomes possible to avoid falls and injuries due to lack of attention.

This item is most important in larger, more spacious vans. When renting, consider whether or not this is included.



Insurance is still a safety item, as all types of cars are prone to mechanical failures. It is very important that all rented vans are insured.

Imagine that you are traveling and suddenly discover that the van is having a problem with its engine. There’s nothing better to do right now than trigger your insurance.

In addition, insurance usually also extends to cases of theft, that is: even if something happens, you will be protected.



Many people do not consider the spare tire as a safety item, but in fact it can be a turning point in your trip. Imagine that the tire punctured midway through the journey and there is no tire repair shop nearby, what would you do?

Well, it is a fact that not all vans have spare tires, but it is always good to study the possibility of including one when hiring, so you avoid headaches.


Door locks

Although this is a basic security item, it is very important that, when renting, you realize if this feature is working well or not. There are some models of vans with smarter locking systems than others.

Especially when we talk about the slide locks, it is necessary for the landlord to make sure that the doors have been closed well before starting the journey. Check as often as needed.

Prevent passengers from coming into contact with the door, this could pose a serious risk. 


Fire extinguisher

Although not all vans have this feature, the fire extinguisher is a 100% essential safety item. It can be useful both in the event of a fire in the vehicle as well as outside it.

Although this item is not mandatory in all countries, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Be sure to study the possibility of carrying a fire extinguisher with you when traveling.

Check whether or not the item is available just below the driver’s seat. You can still ask the renter about whether or not this is included in the price.



A crucial point for passengers to have a good trip is to have frequent vehicle inspections. Thus, the driver is exempt from facing unforeseen events, which delay the route and guarantee the safety of all.

This is another feature that should always be provided by the rental company, always feel free to ask this when renting a van.

Regardless of the model, all vans must be maintained up to date so they can run smoothly. Even if there are unforeseen events, a good review can anticipate possible mechanical failures.


Safety tips for those who want to rent a van

Now that you know more about the crucial safety items that must be available, it is important that the customer also knows how to use some attitudes to improve this.

In addition to the basics we already know, there are some measures that can always be taken to make the trip even smoother. Check it out:


Choose the best driver

Of all the mistakes that can be made by those who are renting a van for the first time, the biggest is selecting an inexperienced driver. This can cause serious problems.

It is important that the driver already has experience driving vans, since passenger cars and SUVs can be very different in practice, although in theory they sound very similar.

So, don’t put anyone inexperienced behind the wheel of the van. Give preference to those who have proven experience, so that there are no setbacks or problems along the way.


Set the route before leaving your starting point

Some route apps work with the route in the cloud, while others rely on the internet to work. Give preference to those that, when loaded the path, it works until arrival.

Many drivers leave to set the route in the route apps after arriving at a stop, this can be a risky decision.

Always prefer to get everything right before starting, this can save a lot of time. 

Don’t talk to the driver

Even if the driver is a long-time acquaintance, never stay in the driver’s cabin talking, this can distract attention and cause accidents.

Of course, it’s okay to communicate the essentials, such as any need to stop or even ask a question. 

But, still, communicate to the driver only what is essential, taking as little of his attention as possible. Although more experienced drivers have more confidence in driving, this should always be avoided.


Beware of noise

If passengers are making excessive noise, it is of paramount importance that there is someone properly prepared to inform them that this noise must be stopped.

If possible, inform passengers of this before you even leave the departure point, so these headaches can be avoided without further ado.

This type of situation can not only make the trip unpleasant, but can also distract the driver’s attention, as we mentioned above.

Also inform passengers about the importance of avoiding the use of stereos inside the vehicle.


Never use electronics that consume a lot of energy

In van models that have outlets available to passengers, it is very important that the person responsible for the trip informs about the prohibition of the use of electronics that consume a lot of energy.

These sockets are for charging cell phones, but not for using speaker chargers or hair dryers, for example.

Of course, on certain trips this will not need to be warned, as the short journey risks the possibility of using these electrical appliances, but in other cases it is better to warn than to be taken by surprise.


Always leave well in advance

In some cases, haste becomes a risk factor for the trip and the integrity of passengers, so it is extremely important that the journey begins well in advance.

It’s better to arrive early than to be late, so let your passengers know the departure time well, so there’s no need to speed up so much along the way.

Respecting speed limits can mean that the trip will be successful. Always leave with time to spare.


Inform passengers about the departure time

Informing your passengers about the departure time is always a crucial point for those who want to have a good trip. Also advise about the grace period so that no one is left behind.

Also, if possible, always arrange a meeting point in case passengers split up at the destination event.


Take all your doubts at the time of hiring

Don’t rent a van without first clearing all your doubts at the time of hiring, this may seem silly, but it makes a lot of difference in practice.

Ask your questions about the time of delivery and return, these are essential points so that there are no surprises about the return time, for example.


What is the best company to rent a van?

That’s it, now that you know all about the main safety requirements for vans, all you have to do is choose a good rental company, so you don’t get stuck in times of trouble.

ZeebaVans is a reference in the van rental market, both for its transparency with the customer and for the quality of the service provided. We help you throughout the rental process and we will be available for the entire time you are using our services.

If you’re looking to expand your business, know that ZeebaVans can be an essential part of your new endeavor.

We are always available to talk and answer your questions on this subject, even if you do not have experience in renting vans.

We want to be part of your company’s history and we understand the need to have a good rental company at this important time.

As long as you make sure you have all of the safety features mentioned in this text handy, as well as following all the tips provided above, we’re sure you’ll have a good trip if you ever run into serious problems.

But, in case you have any unforeseen, contact us and we will always be available to help you. If you’re still thinking about how to make van leasing a reality for your business, talk to us.

Just fill in our form and we’ll be in touch shortly. We want to talk to you.

Renting a van may be all it takes to turn your business around. Expand your business and count on us for it!