Standing Hand In Hand

Round up your total reservation amount and the difference will be donated to the ABCF. Zeeba will match the total amount donated by each customer and together we anticipate to raise and donate $50,000 within a 12 month period!

"Each year, both men and women nationwide receive lifesaving services provided by the American Breast Cancer Foundation to aid in the early detection and survival of breast cancer. The American Breast Cancer Foundation's support programs provide direct assistance grants to reduce the financial barriers to potentially life-saving breast cancer screenings and breast cancer diagnostic tests. These grants are only made possible when organizations such as Zeeba Vans, fundraise to support the endeavor and "Extend the Reach of the Rescue." ABCF is excited that Zeeba Vans will help finance our important mission by helping raise money for the American Breast Cancer Foundation. Their generosity will help those who have nowhere else to turn."

Brooke W.