Renting A Passenger Van For Wizard World Comic Con Sacramento

If you are a comic lover in or near Sacramento, you should already know by now that the Wizard World Comic Con is happening in just a few days from now. Typically, people don’t go to these things alone, because the best things in life are often shared with family and friends. In other words, it’s no surprise if you are part of a small army that’s going.

If you are going as a small army, you will need a vehicle that can carry you all to avoid having to do a headcount to figure out who got on the bus or who did not when you arrive at your destination.

If you do not already have a passenger van, now is the perfect time to rent one, and here a few tips on renting a passenger van for Wizard World Comic Con Sacramento.

Decide on a rental company:

There are tons of rental companies in Sacramento, make a list of different ones the pick from them. To make your choosing process easy, go online and check for their reviews. Or, better yet – ask about their reputation. Check their quotes and compare with your budget. When you are done with this, then you can pick out one amongst them that you want to rent from. As a rule of thumb, have about three of them to choose from in case one does not meet the criteria you have laid out.

Have a plan:

Do not walk into a van rental place without having in your mind a clear idea of what you want. So, before you go down to rent a van, do that headcount and find out how many of you are attending the Wizard World Comic Con. This will save you some time when you and the attendant are walking around the park trying to decide which van works for you. A preparatory headcount is much better than using your fingers and mind to count the number of your friends and family that indicated interest for this event.

Have a budget:

You are renting a van, not buying one. There are rental companies that offer quality at reasonable prices. You should not end up spending all your money on a van rental; you need some for the Comic Con! Draw out your budget and have the company send you a quote, compare and see if it works. If it doesn’t, consider switching companies.

Check out their insurance policy:

To be on the safer side, find out what their insurance policy covers. This can save you from the horror of finding out what you need to pay for after damage has been done.

Do a thorough check:

You do not want to end up finding out that the car had an exhaust problem a few hours into your journey. So, make sure you do a thorough check of the car you are renting. If possible, get a mechanic to come to do the check as their professional look-through should be enough to take that car on a journey. Never travel in a car that has not been properly vetted.

When returning the van to the rental company, make sure it is on time. Do not return the van to the rental company late.

Memories are better when shared; if you travel in a passenger van, the fun starts right on the road before you get to the venue. That said, have loads of fun at the Wizard World Comic Con in Sacramento, remember to take pictures and collect souvenirs.

To get you and your small army efficiently to the Sacramento Wizard World Comic Con, all you have to do is rent a van from Zeeba Vans, and we’ll get you there.

Great Day Hikes Near San Francisco

The beautiful city of San Francisco is home to various hiking trails in the city. On the other hand, the city is also well known for its nearby hiking. In fact, they’ve got numerous parks and hiking trails where you can go for a walk. San Francisco is a scenic and historic city, and its landmark history also extends to the places that surround it.

If you are based in San Francisco, or you’re just visiting the city, it may interest you to know that hiking is not only enjoyed in the city. You can also enjoy hiking in places around the city. These hikes just outside of San Francisco allow hikers to have great workouts and at the same time, a beautiful view of the city.

Are you tired of staying within the city and want to explore other recreational places nearby? There are lots of places you can choose to go hiking that are less than one hour from the city. But, you may be overwhelmed if you don’t know where to visit precisely. Don’t worry, and don’t waste time searching through the internet for reviews, as we’ve got all the information you need right here. Read further and discover five great day hikes near San Francisco that you can visit:

Matt Davis Loop

The Matt Davis Trail is close to the city of San Francisco and located around Mount Tamalpais State Park. The Matt Davis Trail gives hikers a lovely view of the waterfalls, ocean, and wildflowers. The trail passes through a forest of live oaks and redwoods. It is a half-day loop. When going hiking on the Matt Davis loop, you won’t be disappointed because there are always lots of beautiful sights to behold.

Coast Trail to Alamere Falls

The Coast Trail is an 8.4-mile trail that is popular because of its lovely view of the beach. The Alamere Falls that it leads to is also very popular and always crowded with visitors. It is never a dull moment hiking near the falls. But, be aware that it is one place that’s still overcrowded during the weekends. So, if you are visiting the Falls, it is advisable to visit during the week.

Cataract Falls

The Cataract Falls is also as scenic as San Francisco itself. The trail climbs from the Alpine Lakes up to Mount Tamalpais. It ascends through a forest of oak trees, ferns, and redwoods. The Cataract Falls are a one hour drive from San Francisco, and the most exciting thing about them is that the trail passes through various other falls, which gives hikers lovely views.

Mount Diablo Loop

The Mount Diablo calls to hikers that are not just seeking a place to hike, but also beautiful views from San Francisco to Sierra. The mount rises 3,849 feet above the city of San Francisco. And, it is surrounded by lovely places like the Golden Gate Bridge, Farallon Island, etc. The views it offers are very inspiring, and you would never regret hiking there.

Redwood Regional Park Loop

Hiking in Redwood Regional Park gives you a magnificent view of Oakland, delicate forest, and a glistening waterfall. Following the redwood hiking trail, you can catch a view of Mount Diablo and San Francisco Bay. It is a 40-minute distance from the city of San Francisco, and it clocks at 8.4 miles for the standard loop.


San Francisco and its surrounding environment never lack great hikes. These hikes allow you to see the city from outside it. You can take in every bit of the beautiful city without missing a thing. Put on your hiking shoes and and pick from the great day hikes listed above and go hiking. You won’t regret your stay in San Francisco.

Most of those places listed above are not more than one hour from the beautiful city. Plus, they are places you can go to have fun, relax and enjoy the cool breeze of the ocean while hiking!


To make sure you and your party get to the trailhead seamlessly, rent a van from Zeeba Vans for your day hike outside of San Francisco.

What to Look For When Renting A Large Van

If you are planning to move homes, or intend to fix up that garden once and for all, then hiring a big van may be on your mind. There’s a lot to consider, however, before deciding on the perfect large van rental service to contract for your needs. After all, you don’t want to get a van that will create more troubles throughout the process! We’ve seen a lot of people struggle with this. That’s why we decided to dedicate this article to describe the features to look out for when renting a large van. Take a look:

Easy Booking

Whatever you are using the large van for, you want to be sure that the whole process of booking it doesn’t stress you out. So, we can ultimately say that this is an essential requirement to look out for when renting a large van. Be sure that the van rental service offers easy booking. In other words, their website should have a user-friendly interface.

The website should contain all the necessary information that a regular user should know about the van. Such information includes: a clear description of the types of large vans available for rent, the pricing plan for each, special offers (if any), pickup location, available date, etc. In cases where there is a need for a user to create an account before booking, a short and concise registration form should be provided for that purpose.

The bottom line here is that the shorter and more concise a website is, the easier it will be for you to understand what it’s about. In other words, the easier it is for you to understand, the easier it will be to book a large van and be happy with your selection.

Mobile Ready

A notable percentage of large van users prefer to book trucks over the phone, since it’s often easier, quicker and more direct that way. Thankfully, van rental companies realize this; hence, many have incorporated it into their daily operations. So, you want to be sure that your choice van service can be contacted easily through phone calls, in case anything goes wrong during the rental process.

Today, many van companies even have mobile apps where you can easily report faults and get the recommendations of experts on how to efficiently tackle any faults without having them slow down your work. So, why not rent a van from a service that offers all those, since it generally helps to make your work easier and better?

Insurance and Access

If you are renting a large cargo van today, then there is a huge probability that you are renting it for doing some heavy lifting! Since you are doing large tasks with it, you want to be sure that your van choice comes with insurance coverage as part of its rental package. Of course, most van rental services know this already, and would prefer to get the necessary insurance coverage for their van before putting it up for rent. However, a few still don’t care. Therefore, the need remains to always look for this feature before renting.

What’s more? Most rentals also include a Collision Damage Waiver policy. This policy helps to limit your liability in the event of an accident.

Size Matters

You’ve probably heard one or two people say that size doesn’t matter. But of course, you know that’s a blatant lie, don’t you? You want to be sure that the size of the truck you are going for is something that can handle the workload you are giving to it. Well, it’s not just about the bigness of the van, but also about what it can carry in terms of load capacity. Again, it is important to say that some large trucks have a larger load space than others.

If you are using it to move large items like furniture, then you need to be sure that it has the space to contain those items. In conclusion, don’t just be carried away by the external size of the van. Take your time to climb in if possible, and check to be sure it has the carrying capacity you are looking for.

Get a Van With a Lift

If you are renting a large van, you are probably getting it to carry heavy items like furniture, washing machines, and other home appliances. Carrying this stuff into the van and out of it can be pretty challenging, since the van’s load bay is located at a significant distance from the ground.

So, you need to look out for a van that has a built-in tail lift while hiring. The tail lift could help to raise the load from the floor into the truck, reducing work for you.

The truth is, most modern vans come easy to drive and economical. However, their sizes are always different! Hence, there’s still the need to be careful about loading and driving them, irrespective of how easy they may seem.


If you are confused or not sure of the right place to get a van, Zeeba Van has got you covered in more ways than one.

5 Day Trips to Take From Sacramento, California

Life is a lot more colorful when you can occasionally pack your bags and take trips to exotic and exciting locations scattered across the planet, such as places that boast of rich, natural and man-made wonders! One of the amazing places that you should absolutely visit is Sacramento in California. Now, if you find yourself having a visit to Sacramento on your bucket list, then you’re bound to wonder about the possible day trips that you can take from the gorgeous city. To assist you in making your visit delightful in every way, below we discuss five day trips to embark on from Sacramento, California.

The El Dorado National Forest:

Here’s one spot that’s blessed with such splendid natural wonders that they are sure to leave nature lovers wanting more. This National Forest features a trail of pine trees, accessible hiking trails, and sparkling lakes that just light up the area. What’s more, if you feel like connecting with nature on a deeper level, you can camp overnight. Because the forest is often quiet, you can be certain that you won’t have to be concerned about a crowd suddenly upsetting your peace. It’s also a fantastic place to visit when you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city scene in Sacramento. In sum, you can both reconnect with nature and calm any nerves during your time within this forest.

Carmel By The Sea:

Blessed with lazy waves, a renowned aquarium, and soft sand that feels so soothing against the soles of the feet, this is one of the best destinations for a day trip. In fact, this day trip spot is often a deal-breaker for seaside lovers. So, if you’re a lover of the Pacific California coastline, then you should definitely explore the fascinating features of this location. While you’re in Carmel by the Sea, you can take in all the scenery by driving around the area. You can also treat yourself to Point Lobos. Here, you can often spot whales merrily diving into the sea and splashing the seawater without care. Or, you can take in the beauty of the birds flapping colorful wings and chirping gloriously.

In line with the above, this place is loved for the fact that it’s home to a good number of birds. So, when you go visiting, remember to take along your binoculars to enjoy the sight of a range of species of these winged creatures.


If you are enthusiastic about sophisticated vineyards and wineries, then you should schedule a day trip to Napa. You can spend an entire vacation in Napa and still not experience the fullness of the fun and beauty within this location. One of its amazing attractions is the Napa valley wine train. This wine train is a locomotive that also doubles as a voyage restaurant!

If you’re not up for some fine wining and dining in this world famous wine hub, then you can pay a visit to the State Historic Park known as Bale Grist Mill. Alternatively, you can tour the Sharpsteen Museum. After all, there’s nothing wrong with keeping up with history!

San Jose Day Trip:

How about taking a day trip to San Jose, the spot known as the access way to the Silicon Valley? Within this city, you can take an afternoon tour to the Winchester Mystery House. The mystery house contains strange designs that are put together to confuse ghosts. It is also famed for a staircase that leads to nowhere. Alternatively, if you’re not in the mood for spooky, fun adventures, then you can visit the Tech Interactive, a technology museum. The museum has innovative features of all kinds, as well as an IMAX theatre.

Day Trip To Truckee:

If you’re not in the mood to visit a town that’s potentially swarming with people and a lot of activities, then Truckee is the best town to take a day trip to. You can connect with history by visiting its Emigrant trail museum, or you can go for a relaxed stroll in its state park, known as Donner Memorial State Park. If you’re in the mood for skiing, then you can treat yourself to any ski field in town.

So, there we have it guys. Five incredible day trips that you can embark on from Sacramento, California. Now, you know what you can do within Sacramento California. Go on and pack your bags and set out for some fun!

To get around Sacramento easily, rent a Zeeba Van – they’re accessible, comfortable, and sure to fit the whole family.  


Moving Day Tips

It is quite alright to get a little frantic at the thought of the mammoth activity that surrounds packing and moving. Coupled with the fear of exhaustion, staring at the vast belongings that cannot get themselves into boxes is even more frustrating. If you often get that feeling when the need to move to another place arises, then it is time you learned something new today. Say, what about some hacks that will help you anticipate your next moving day with joy and have a fresh new start in your new apartment?

Ready to roll? Here we go…

Stage one: Get planning

Be an early bird. The first rule here is to get early with the organizing. Don’t bank on time. You will never have extra time waiting for you. And, postponing the packing to the last week will guarantee that the dreaded exhaustion you are trying to avoid will sneak up on you. So, start packing as early as 30 to 60 days prior to your scheduled moving day.

Get in touch with the moving company. Once you are certain of your moving day, your next early organizing move is to contact your preferred moving company. Box trucks come in various sizes which means you need to be sure you are getting the one with a size compatible with your load. Inform the company of your requirement and other vital details. Also, make sure to get their conditions too. Everyone seems to be in love with box trucks because they are great for both long and short distance move-ins. Plus, they are relatively less expensive!

Seive through the clutter and pack.

When you are through with the transport arrangement, the next step is to purge and get rid of unusable stuff. You may be thinking, “but everything looks so beautiful!” This is an easy thought to have, but it will look a lot less beautiful if you end up spending money to transport it, and then it winds up staying in your garage.

So, what to do is to clear and sort the closets, sell some items, donate good ones and discard some as appropriate. Moreso, you wouldn’t want to incur additional costs for items you will never use again. For that reason, before you start packing, declutter the entire house and you will be glad you saved some bucks.

How much are you taking with you?

As you continue to declutter, be sure of the things you may leave behind. As everything sitting in your current house seems fitting to where they are, like the fireplace, the laundry machines, or the window curtains, they might not feel so right in your new place. Apart from being bulky, they may not fit with the arrangement of the new apartment. What you need to do when packing is to place tags or stickers on those items, as it wouldn’t be fun to bring along curtains you thought you left behind when unpacking.

Stage two: Time to start packing

Labeling can make the task of packing much easier to bear. If you hate daunting episodes, remember to put stickers on the boxes to give you ease of mind when packing. This will also help you know when each box gets on the box truck.

Wrap fragile items.

After labeling the boxes, be careful to wrap glassware and other fragile utensils that may crack on transit. When you are through with packing the glass items, g ather the tiny items in labeled bags. Put the disassembled items, like nuts, bolts, and screws, in a bag and store them in a box.

Stage three: Notify all parties a month before you move

At this stage, you will have to go on and get the basic utilities in your new home ready, such as setting up the internet. Let the post office know of the changes in your location. Find out the rules around moving into your new condo or apartment, as some may not want moving in to occur on certain days. So be sure to find out what applies there. Are there security charges for elevator services? If you are getting a condo, you need to know all these ahead of your move-in.

Stage four: Arrival of Moving Day!

Finally, you have all the things in place and you seem ready to go, or do you want to stay a little more? Not a chance!

As soon as the moving company arrives with the professional movers, your neatly packed boxes in a box truck should be on their way to your new apartment. Similarly, you can also get friends and family to help in the packing if the use of professional movers is too much of a stretch for your budget. Also, if your pet gets a little disturbed with the activity, you can get a pet sitter.

At this stage, hopefully you will agree that moving can be a lot of fun and a stress-free experience! Especially when using the less expensive services of a box truck. Keep these tips in mind, so your moving day will be a memorable day to treasure for a long time!

Secure your box truck for a seamless moving day with Zeeba Vans.


Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Van Rentals

It’s finally here! The day you have been dreaming of is just around the corner. There are only a few more days until your wedding, and you know what that means – it’s time to ring in the end of your days as a single person with a bachelorette or bachelor party that goes down in history. You’ve probably been planning this day with your friends since you were young. Now, it’s finally time to show off your party planning skills.


Most of the time, bachelorette or bachelor parties are not small affairs. You’ll have a bunch of friends with you that need to be ferried around town all night long as you party the night away. So, how do you cope with transporting a group of slightly drunk adults? Well, the first thing you’ll need is a designated driver. Once someone has drawn this stick, the next item to get is a party van! This way, you won’t have to worry about coordinating rides or Ubers for multiple people, so you can focus on making beautiful memories with your loved ones.

A fun, carefree night 

You shouldn’t be worrying on this most amazing night. The only thing on your mind should be how to have fun, ace those games, and hit up as many spots around town as you can. The perfect solution to such a carefree night: hire a party van for your special day. This way, you dance the night away in celebration of your upcoming nuptials, but aren’t distracted with coordinating rides between places. Our vans are fully equipped with all the space you’ll need, as we’ve got a range of available sizes. Whether you’re having a more intimate party or a larger one that includes everybody, we’ve got you covered.

It’s super affordable 

Think of all the money you would have spent on taxis, ubers, or moving around town with more than two cars. You’ll save a lot of money by renting a van. This means some of the money saved can be put to better use – like going towards your honeymoon. Also, our vans are very comfortable and spacious so everyone can relax and unwind during the happy day. Renting a van takes the guesswork out of coordination, so all you need to do is show up and have fun.

Choose from our variety of vans  

We have a wide range of vans you can choose from. Each variety will help make your day more memorable. You can choose either a large or small van, depending on the size of your party and the number of guests you’re expecting. This way, everyone can sit comfortably and have enough room to keep their personal effects secured as well. We also have vans in different price ranges so there are options for everyone. We want our clients to have the best night ever, so we consider you when creating our price plans.

Booking is easy 

The process of booking your preferred van with us is quite easy. Next, simply let us know what you require, choose the van you want, make a deposit and let us know what dates you would like to have your party and we’ll ensure that your vehicle is reserved for that day. It’s important that you let us know the dates of your bachelor or bachelorette party so we can save your van for you!

Reserve today

Dance the night away and have the time of your life as you count down the days until you say, ‘I do’. With our vans, you can be sure of a memorable night filled with laughter, good music, fun, and maybe even a few happy tears.


Contact us today to book the perfect van for your celebration, and you’ll be glad you did.


5 Incredible Day Trips To Take Near Seattle

If you’re familiar with the city of Seattle, then you know it has quite a number of attractive places you can visit for day trips. From stunning parks to easily recognized monuments like the space needle, there’s no end to the number of fun day trips you can have in this beautiful Washington city.

On the other hand, there are those who might not be as familiar with this amazing city, or those who are looking for things they can do outside of the city! Well, we’ve found the 5 best day trips you can take near Seattle that are just as exciting as what Seattle has to offer. From factories to waterfalls, here are our top picks for amazing day trips near Seattle.

Snoqualmie Falls 

This waterfall is nothing short of breathtaking. In fact, it’s counted among the most stunning waterfalls located in North America. It stands at about 270 ft high and the beautiful water is always a sight to behold. Plus, you can visit year-round. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery either on a picnic or hiking trip. Or, you can get a good view and take stunning pictures (totally Instagram worthy) from the strategically placed observation decks littered around the falls. If you would like to get some R&R while on your daytime excursion, you can visit the Salish Lodge and Spa for some pampering before you head back home. There are also lush restaurants that offer some of the tastiest meals in this serene location, so you can get a bite to eat as you admire the scenery.

Orcas Island 

Whale watchers get in here because the self-proclaimed Emerald Isle of Washington state offers some of the best views of whales! This little island is a must-see for all those looking for exciting places to visit near Seattle. The town is romantic with its rustic buildings, quaint hamlets and irresistible charm. Be careful not to fall in love with this island as most people do, as it makes it unbearable to leave the charming town behind. The clear blue waters are picture perfect and have been the source of inspiration for many paintings. As you might have guessed, they also offer whale-watching cruises!

Boeing Factory 

We’re all familiar with the famous Boeing planes that take us around the world; but, did you know that just a few hours away from Seattle you can catch a glimpse into the world of aircraft construction? A trip to the Boeing factory gives visitors some insight into America’s contribution to the aviation industry. In addition, you can learn about the extensive and interesting history of airplanes and what humanity hopes to do with flight. Plane enthusiasts will have so much fun learning about everything that goes into creating and maintaining a Boeing aircraft. Plus – who knows? You might even get a souvenir or keepsake to take home with you.

Mount St. Helens

The view of mount St.Helen’s creates the perfect backdrop for photographs, and is also an ideal spot for daydreaming. However, this site’s popularity is driven by something else. In the ‘80s, Mount St. Helens was home to a devastating volcanic eruption. The volcano is still active; although, there will likely be no eruptions during your day visit, so fear not. In addition, there are lots of other activities you can engage in while you take in the sights. You can even get close enough to inspect some of the results of the eruption from 1980 and look at the crater from the Johnston Ridge Observatory while you trace the flow of lava. This destination is nothing short of epic, and visitors of all ages are sure to get a thrill out of a day trip spent here.

Mount Rainier National Park 

Last, but certainly not least, on our list is one incredible place that definitely has a spot on the list of the most beautiful places in the entire world. Mount Rainier is 14,410 ft above sea level and cuts a striking, imposing, but gentle figure surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers. This location is a geographical wonder. Lovers of nature will thoroughly enjoy a day trip to this stunning mountain park destination. The park is among the most notable landmarks in Washington, and it has picnic spots, hiking trails and dining spots where you can eat and take in the view.


Undoubtedly, Washington has some truly beautiful sites that make the perfect spots for day trips leaving from Seattle. Interested in visiting any of these places? The smartest way to get there and bring your friends in tow is through renting a passenger van. We have different options of vans to suit your group’s size, all available at affordable costs that ensure you don’t dip too far into your pockets to travel comfortably.


Cargo Van Rentals for 5 Incredible Hiking Trips Near LA

Hiking can be a wonderful way to experience the great outdoors, connect with nature, and replenish your energy. Most importantly, hiking helps you to have a good time with your friends and family! When going on a hiking trip, it is essential to carry survival kits and other equipment that make the journey safe and pleasurable. Hiking with a large group can be challenging, but fun. However, you need a spacious and roomy vehicle that can carry everyone’s stuff (plus the people) to and from any of these 5 amazing hiking trip areas and hiking trails near Los Angeles, California.

What you need is a cargo van 

You may try to drive different vehicles to the trailhead, but that can make confusing and disorganized, especially with a large group. Therefore for a well-prepared trip, it’s important that everyone gets to the trailhead at the same time and in the same vehicle – ideally, a cargo van. This is helpful in multiple ways: helps you save cost, can be a blast to collectively plan your hiking strategy, and it can reduce your carbon emissions. In other words, getting a cargo van is good for the planet and your pockets. Additionally, with a cargo van you’ll have enough room to store your food and snacks, as well as your equipment. Plus, everyone will have enough legroom to stretch before its time to take the big leap and start your trek!

Become one with nature 

In today’s world, it can feel like we are constantly hustling and bustling at work or glued to our cell phones at home on the couch eating potato chips. As a result, it’s necessary to take some time off and commune with Mother Nature. It does wonders for your health, you get to explore and discover new places in LA you didn’t know about, and group hiking trips are a great way to meet new people in a neutral environment with no distractions!

Hiking – good for the body & soul

Hiking is also a great way to get your heart rate pumping and improve your blood circulation. Therefore, hiking can help you feel more active. Additionally, it’s an amazing way to lose weight. The benefits of hiking are way too many to be mentioned, but this fun outdoor activity is all around great for you. So, what are you waiting for? Take the plunge, call up your friends, and start making arrangements for that group hiking trip you’ve been aching to go on. Don’t forget your cargo van, to make it a seamless, enjoyable experience. Next time you’re in LA, here are 5 great places to go hiking around the Los Angeles area.


  • Griffith Park 

Who wouldn’t want to hike up to the legendary Hollywood sign? You’ve seen it on TV. Now, not rent a cargo van and make your way to this beautiful and enormous park to take some pictures near its iconic landmarks! The sign isn’t the only thing that awaits you at Griffith Park. This 7 squares miles of lush greenery has amazing scenery; plus, you’ll also get to see the stars and heavenly bodies from the Griffith observatory.


  • Catalina Island 

This beautiful island may require you to take a long ride and ferry trip, but that’s what you have your cargo van for isn’t it? It’s a breath of fresh air for most city dwellers because this small town is a great place to hike, ride bikes or go snorkeling. The inland area has a nature preserve that is an absolute delight for hiking you won’t want to miss. You can even hike over night! How cool is that?


  • Wildwood Park 

You can enjoy a 40-foot tall waterfall view when you visit Wildwood Park for a hiking trip with your group. As it is located in Thousand Oaks, getting there in your cargo van will be fairly easy. You can take a short 2 mile hike or extend your hiking to 4.5 miles by making some stops along the way.


  • Eaton Canyon 

Eaton Canyon offers you a nice flat hike, so you don’t have to worry about navigating rocks jutting out of the ground and poking at your feet. In addition, there is also plenty of shade and a seasonal waterfall. In other words, if you time your trip right, you may catch a glimpse of the stunning waterfall.


  • Solstice canyon 

If you love to experience history as you hike, then this hiking trail is just right for you. The Solstice Canyon is home to the oldest standing stone structure in Malibu, as well as the oldest tree in the area. All of this beautiful scenery is hidden behind a beautiful waterfall that will take your breath away.


We bet you’re excited to begin touring these hiking trip areas near LA, and wouldn’t be too surprised if you were packing up for the trip already.


Let us help you make your trip easier by offering you any of our cargo vans for your hiking adventure. Browse through our collection of affordable vehicles and make your choice today.



Rent a Van for your Band’s Tour!

Going on tour with your band is a ton of fun, but it can also be grueling. Multiple cities, long nights, and endless driving can make your band’s touring experience less than ideal. Save yourself some time and trouble by renting a cargo or passenger van for your band’s tour!


Keep your Valuable Instruments Safe

Your musical instruments need a safe place as you move from one venue to another. You’ve invested thousands of dollars into your instruments; you definitely need to keep them safe while you’re on the road!

Getting your drum set and more into a small car is hardly possible which is why we provide van rental services for band gigs to ensure your instruments stay safe and you travel in style to meet your fans.


Consider Renting a few Cargo Vans and a Passenger Van


When you’re on tour, it’s crucial to be comfortable. Living out of a van for months on end is difficult. That’s why for Band Tours, we recommend renting a few Cargo Vans for your instruments and a Passenger Van for your bandmates. We have 7, 12, and 15 Passenger Vans for Rental and spacious Cargo Vans.

Pack personal luggage into your passenger van and haul your instruments and other gear in the cargo vans. You and your bandmates will be glad you did!


Affordable Van Rental Options

Renting a van for your band is one of the most cost-effective ways of making your tour easier and with our help, all you need to focus on is playing good music while we provide a vehicle that is suited to your bands’ specific needs.

If your band is on a tight budget, we have various affordable options for van rentals you can choose from.


Smells like Team spirit 

Sharing a rental van while you’re on the road is one of the best ways to bond as a band and have fun as you play on tour. Having an effective and comfortable means of moving your team, equipment and all the other trimmings will take away a lot of stress from your team’s shoulders so you can focus on what truly matters – making magic when you step on the stage.


Rent a Zeeba Van for your Band’s Tour

We have a variety of affordably priced vans bands can rent as they tour California. Let us help your band create an unforgettable tour experience where you can move around the city comfortably with enough space for your equipment and your team.

Touring need not be a tiresome process, browse through our selection of spacious and well-fitted vans and find one that works for your band.


Rent a Cargo Van for your next Surfing Trip

Ready to go on a surfing trip of a lifetime with your pals? Ready to ride those waves and perform cool stunts as your friends cheer you on and you have the time of your life? At Zeeba Vans, we are also ready to make that surfing trip as easy and convenient for you as possible.

No surfing trip is complete without all your gear, including surfboards and wetsuits. As we all know, carting those around in your car can be tricky if not impossible. And it’s even more difficult when you have a group of people with all of their own surfing gear.

Your surfing trip does not have to be a tedious and tiring process with your surfing boards squeezed into tight vehicles when you can easily rent a cargo van. Renting a cargo van will help you move from one beach to another as you tour the coast and find bigger waves to ride.


Rent a Cargo Van, a Passenger Van, or both for your Surfing Trip

It’s important to have somewhere roomy enough to hold your wetsuit and other luggage safely while you go for a dip in the ocean. You can travel effortlessly from one coast to another without worrying about your transport needs or how to lug your surfboard around with you as they fit easily into our cargo vans.

If you’re planning a surfing trip with a large group, it’s likely that you’ll need both a cargo van and a passenger van. At Zeeba Vans, we have many different types of vans available for rental. We have 712, and 15 Passenger Vans, as well as Cargo Vans, so no matter how large your group is our vans can accommodate them.

Make your surfing trip much easier and rent a passenger and a cargo van. One or two people can drive the cargo van with everyone’s gear, while everyone else rides in the passenger van.


Start planning your surfing trip today because you deserve the best surf experience and with our cargo vans fitted specially for surfing trips, your daydreams of waves and sunsets will become a reality.