Buying or renting vans: which is best for your business?

Small business owners usually face a big question when they start their business expansion projects: is the best way out really to buy a van?

With car prices constantly being readjusted, many entrepreneurs are in doubt about the viability of this. Then, a second idea arises: why not rent a van?

In fact, this is one of the best ways to start a new work model in your small or medium-sized business. In addition, many times, even corporations that have their own fleet of vans still end up renting.

Why choose a van rental?

Car leasing has become increasingly strong, after all, it doesn’t always pay off to actually buy a vehicle for your company without being sure that it will actually work.

In some cases, it is more interesting to test it out and find out if it will actually be profitable or not. For this, nothing better than using the rental services, because, if everything goes wrong, just return it.

But, of course, there are many even more important reasons that will make you realize that van rental is the best option for your business. Stay with us from now on and find out!


You don’t have to worry about mechanical problems

Mechanical problems haunt everyone who owns a vehicle. It is no wonder that, in many cases, companies sell their vehicles with problems because it is not a good idea to cover the repair.

So, in this case, if you want to be free of worries about the operation of the van, the best option is always to rent.

If the van has a problem, we will take responsibility and ensure that it returns to our customer in perfect condition, so that there are no mishaps or problems.


You pay much less

If you don’t depend on the van every day, you will spend much less on it than you would on a van of your own. The costs of owning a van are high for several reasons.

Of course, it all depends on your usage pattern. If you use the van daily, it may be that the best way out is to buy one for your company.

But in the case of micro-enterprises that depend on a certain punctual delivery, or just need a cargo van that can hold a few employees until a certain event, it can be a good lease.


You use newer models for less

Imagine that you have a certain amount of money to invest in a van, but that amount is not enough to acquire that model that you think would be the most suitable for your business.

In this situation, instead of purchasing a model that is not of interest to you, the ideal would be to invest in the model you want in the form of a lease, paying less and using a newer and better car.

Vans can be very expensive to buy, that’s no secret. The most important thing is that the user is well informed about the company from whom he is renting, in this way he will not have any kind of problem.

You have the chance to try

You may want to rent a van, but don’t even know if it will actually work for your business. So it can be crucial to have this trial period where you find out if the van really makes that much of a difference in your day to day business.

Imagine that you buy a van and find out that you don’t need it that much.You will have a problem selling.

For example, if you always need a means of public transport for your employees, but after buying the van certain events are no longer so frequent, there is nothing to do but sell the van.

Always think very carefully before closing the purchase of a van, this can be a risky exit, especially when we talk about small companies that are still trying to establish themselves more strongly in the market.


Depreciation won’t be a problem

When we buy a van, whether it’s a passenger or business one, we always end up losing money at the time of sale, after all, with each passing year, new models are launched and the older ones depreciate.

With that, there is no better way out than renting. By renting you will never be shocked when you sell your van, because you can just rent a newer one whenever you want, paying only the difference.

This is one of the main strengths of this idea. Stop wasting money, rent and enjoy!

You will be able to carry all types of passengers (and goods)

Imagine that you need to take the president of a partner company to your company’s headquarters and, in your opinion, the van you have been working with is not good enough to make a positive first impression.

In this case, what would you do? If you have bought an older van in order to save money, you will most certainly be on hand, there is nothing that can be done, after all, you will not change the model for a unique occasion.

But, if you use rented vans, it is always very easy to change models, just contact the rental company in advance and arrange everything. 


You only rent when you need it

Imagine that you recently bought a van, but haven’t had much use for it. All the money that was invested in the utility is standing still, without the opportunity to multiply.

Now, if you choose to rent, you can choose to rent only when you need it. You will not leave the rented van stopped, you will only rent it close to the date you want to use it.

This way, you also pay only for the days you are riding. Without this, you leave a very large amount of money lying around, while it could be being invested in other, much more useful ways.


Tips for those who want to rent a van

Now that we’ve finally come to the conclusion that the best option is actually renting a van and not buying one, we’ll give you some essential tips to make this experience as smooth as possible.

Do not think that the lease exempts you from any responsibility for the vehicles, it is still very important that you take care of the van as if it were your own. 

But, always keep in mind that looking for a good rental company will change your experience a lot, making it much better.


Remember to drive carefully

If you are going to drive, remember that driving is always a very serious matter. Prepare well and rest before starting long journeys.

If you have never driven a van before, the ideal would be to give the steering to someone who already has a little more experience in the subject. Driving a van can be quite different from driving a passenger car, mainly because of its size.

The mechanical part is very similar, so in theory it would be almost the same thing, but it is important to understand that the size of the van is very different from the size of the cars.

It is necessary that you be a slightly more experienced driver, so that there are no problems and setbacks.


Rent from a reliable company

If you’re not careful when renting a van, you’re likely to have a lot of problems. Certain companies are very late in delivering and picking up vans, making their deadlines even tighter.

So be careful not to end up in the hands of a company that doesn’t care about its customer. Always opt for those that provide quick support and are easy to get in touch with.

Imagine that, in any unforeseen event, counting on that company that is difficult to contact, you will only have difficulties.


Use safety items

Before starting your journey, remember to inform all your passengers about the importance of fastening their seat belts. Many passengers fail to pay attention to this when riding in a van.

Vans are not that different from passenger cars, so in any accident passengers can be injured if they are not wearing seat belts.

Communicate about the importance of this and, if possible, check that everyone is wearing a seat belt throughout the journey, this way it is easier to maintain some control over it.


Always choose the best time

Always be aware of the best time to get out, sometimes it is more difficult to get out of pile-ups when you are in a van. Prefer a quieter time, without so much traffic in your departure and arrival region.

This way it is much more difficult to find yourself in trouble, having to wait a long time to pass a traffic light, for example. It will certainly make a lot of difference to whoever is walking with you.

The best time to travel is always off-peak hours for your region. Always realize that at certain times there are more cars on the street.


Choose the best route

Especially if you’re going to a place you don’t know that well, it’s important to choose the best route, free from detours and very bumpy roads.

Understand that, as much as our vans are very comfortable, very unstable roads can greatly compromise this comfort. Try to select new asphalt routes so you don’t have problems with it.

In addition, choosing your route well reduces the waiting time to arrive at the place. There’s no need to take shortcuts, just make sure there’s no traffic or detours along the way.


Choose the right model

When renting, anticipate certain questions: 

  • How many people do you intend to take?
  • How long is the journey?
  • Will any of your guests bring any escorts?
  • Will there be many stops on the route?

This way you can predict which model is most suitable for your case. Imagine now that you have rented a 7-seater van, but, at the last minute, 3 new passengers appear that exceed this capacity?

Well, this is something that can happen, so be careful not to be surprised. It’s always better to have space to spare, so you don’t suffer from any kind of unforeseen.


Check all the tires before you leave

Of course, we’ll deliver you the van ready to go, but it could be that even weather instability causes the tires to deflate a little along the way.

Make sure they don’t need to be calibrated before you start your trip, so you’re free from further worries along the way.

It is always very annoying to have to stop to inflate the tires in the middle of the trip, since in many cases there are not even stations close enough. Anticipate this problem!

If you have a constant demand for your van, it may be a really good buy, but think about it very carefully before making the purchase.

Don’t find out the hard way that the best option was to rent. Browse our website and discover the best van models, as well as getting to know all the benefits we offer.

With ZeebaVans it’s never been so easy to ride in the best vans for so little. Find out a little more about renting vans in our other posts, we always bring you good information.

If you still have any questions, just get in touch, so we will help you in everything necessary.