Cargo Van Rentals for 5 Incredible Hiking Trips Near LA

Hiking can be a wonderful way to experience the great outdoors, connect with nature, and replenish your energy. Most importantly, hiking helps you to have a good time with your friends and family! When going on a hiking trip, it is essential to carry survival kits and other equipment that make the journey safe and pleasurable. Hiking with a large group can be challenging, but fun. However, you need a spacious and roomy vehicle that can carry everyone’s stuff (plus the people) to and from any of these 5 amazing hiking trip areas and hiking trails near Los Angeles, California.

What you need is a cargo van 

You may try to drive different vehicles to the trailhead, but that can make confusing and disorganized, especially with a large group. Therefore for a well-prepared trip, it’s important that everyone gets to the trailhead at the same time and in the same vehicle – ideally, a cargo van. This is helpful in multiple ways: helps you save cost, can be a blast to collectively plan your hiking strategy, and it can reduce your carbon emissions. In other words, getting a cargo van is good for the planet and your pockets. Additionally, with a cargo van you’ll have enough room to store your food and snacks, as well as your equipment. Plus, everyone will have enough legroom to stretch before its time to take the big leap and start your trek!

Become one with nature 

In today’s world, it can feel like we are constantly hustling and bustling at work or glued to our cell phones at home on the couch eating potato chips. As a result, it’s necessary to take some time off and commune with Mother Nature. It does wonders for your health, you get to explore and discover new places in LA you didn’t know about, and group hiking trips are a great way to meet new people in a neutral environment with no distractions!

Hiking – good for the body & soul

Hiking is also a great way to get your heart rate pumping and improve your blood circulation. Therefore, hiking can help you feel more active. Additionally, it’s an amazing way to lose weight. The benefits of hiking are way too many to be mentioned, but this fun outdoor activity is all around great for you. So, what are you waiting for? Take the plunge, call up your friends, and start making arrangements for that group hiking trip you’ve been aching to go on. Don’t forget your cargo van, to make it a seamless, enjoyable experience. Next time you’re in LA, here are 5 great places to go hiking around the Los Angeles area.


  • Griffith Park 

Who wouldn’t want to hike up to the legendary Hollywood sign? You’ve seen it on TV. Now, not rent a cargo van and make your way to this beautiful and enormous park to take some pictures near its iconic landmarks! The sign isn’t the only thing that awaits you at Griffith Park. This 7 squares miles of lush greenery has amazing scenery; plus, you’ll also get to see the stars and heavenly bodies from the Griffith observatory.


  • Catalina Island 

This beautiful island may require you to take a long ride and ferry trip, but that’s what you have your cargo van for isn’t it? It’s a breath of fresh air for most city dwellers because this small town is a great place to hike, ride bikes or go snorkeling. The inland area has a nature preserve that is an absolute delight for hiking you won’t want to miss. You can even hike over night! How cool is that?


  • Wildwood Park 

You can enjoy a 40-foot tall waterfall view when you visit Wildwood Park for a hiking trip with your group. As it is located in Thousand Oaks, getting there in your cargo van will be fairly easy. You can take a short 2 mile hike or extend your hiking to 4.5 miles by making some stops along the way.


  • Eaton Canyon 

Eaton Canyon offers you a nice flat hike, so you don’t have to worry about navigating rocks jutting out of the ground and poking at your feet. In addition, there is also plenty of shade and a seasonal waterfall. In other words, if you time your trip right, you may catch a glimpse of the stunning waterfall.


  • Solstice canyon 

If you love to experience history as you hike, then this hiking trail is just right for you. The Solstice Canyon is home to the oldest standing stone structure in Malibu, as well as the oldest tree in the area. All of this beautiful scenery is hidden behind a beautiful waterfall that will take your breath away.


We bet you’re excited to begin touring these hiking trip areas near LA, and wouldn’t be too surprised if you were packing up for the trip already.


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