A Smarter Way To Commute To Work

Riding together adds up to more savings, less pollution and valuable time back in your day. Zeeba makes it easy–helping you assemble your crew and providing the vehicle.

How It Works

You bring the company. We provide the wheels.


Get Together

Connect with co-workers or friends who live nearby.

Choose your Vehicle

Select 7, 12, & 15 passenger vans.


Get Going

Drivers take turns, giving everyone time back to be productive or just relax.

Enjoy The Ride

 Enjoy savings and less stress.


For Companies

Companies partner with Zeeba to bring their employees a better commute. By sharing a ride, your people arrive to work relaxed and recharged, fueling a better company culture for everyone.

Join Commute

For Communters

Share a ride to work with coworkers who live nearby. We’ll provide 7, 12, and 15 passenger vans. Everyone splits the costs and driving duties, saving you valuable time and money.

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