Great Day Hikes Near San Francisco

The beautiful city of San Francisco is home to various hiking trails in the city. On the other hand, the city is also well known for its nearby hiking. In fact, they’ve got numerous parks and hiking trails where you can go for a walk. San Francisco is a scenic and historic city, and its landmark history also extends to the places that surround it.

If you are based in San Francisco, or you’re just visiting the city, it may interest you to know that hiking is not only enjoyed in the city. You can also enjoy hiking in places around the city. These hikes just outside of San Francisco allow hikers to have great workouts and at the same time, a beautiful view of the city.

Are you tired of staying within the city and want to explore other recreational places nearby? There are lots of places you can choose to go hiking that are less than one hour from the city. But, you may be overwhelmed if you don’t know where to visit precisely. Don’t worry, and don’t waste time searching through the internet for reviews, as we’ve got all the information you need right here. Read further and discover five great day hikes near San Francisco that you can visit:

Matt Davis Loop

The Matt Davis Trail is close to the city of San Francisco and located around Mount Tamalpais State Park. The Matt Davis Trail gives hikers a lovely view of the waterfalls, ocean, and wildflowers. The trail passes through a forest of live oaks and redwoods. It is a half-day loop. When going hiking on the Matt Davis loop, you won’t be disappointed because there are always lots of beautiful sights to behold.

Coast Trail to Alamere Falls

The Coast Trail is an 8.4-mile trail that is popular because of its lovely view of the beach. The Alamere Falls that it leads to is also very popular and always crowded with visitors. It is never a dull moment hiking near the falls. But, be aware that it is one place that’s still overcrowded during the weekends. So, if you are visiting the Falls, it is advisable to visit during the week.

Cataract Falls

The Cataract Falls is also as scenic as San Francisco itself. The trail climbs from the Alpine Lakes up to Mount Tamalpais. It ascends through a forest of oak trees, ferns, and redwoods. The Cataract Falls are a one hour drive from San Francisco, and the most exciting thing about them is that the trail passes through various other falls, which gives hikers lovely views.

Mount Diablo Loop

The Mount Diablo calls to hikers that are not just seeking a place to hike, but also beautiful views from San Francisco to Sierra. The mount rises 3,849 feet above the city of San Francisco. And, it is surrounded by lovely places like the Golden Gate Bridge, Farallon Island, etc. The views it offers are very inspiring, and you would never regret hiking there.

Redwood Regional Park Loop

Hiking in Redwood Regional Park gives you a magnificent view of Oakland, delicate forest, and a glistening waterfall. Following the redwood hiking trail, you can catch a view of Mount Diablo and San Francisco Bay. It is a 40-minute distance from the city of San Francisco, and it clocks at 8.4 miles for the standard loop.


San Francisco and its surrounding environment never lack great hikes. These hikes allow you to see the city from outside it. You can take in every bit of the beautiful city without missing a thing. Put on your hiking shoes and and pick from the great day hikes listed above and go hiking. You won’t regret your stay in San Francisco.

Most of those places listed above are not more than one hour from the beautiful city. Plus, they are places you can go to have fun, relax and enjoy the cool breeze of the ocean while hiking!


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