Moving Day Tips

It is quite alright to get a little frantic at the thought of the mammoth activity that surrounds packing and moving. Coupled with the fear of exhaustion, staring at the vast belongings that cannot get themselves into boxes is even more frustrating. If you often get that feeling when the need to move to another place arises, then it is time you learned something new today. Say, what about some hacks that will help you anticipate your next moving day with joy and have a fresh new start in your new apartment?

Ready to roll? Here we go…

Stage one: Get planning

Be an early bird. The first rule here is to get early with the organizing. Don’t bank on time. You will never have extra time waiting for you. And, postponing the packing to the last week will guarantee that the dreaded exhaustion you are trying to avoid will sneak up on you. So, start packing as early as 30 to 60 days prior to your scheduled moving day.

Get in touch with the moving company. Once you are certain of your moving day, your next early organizing move is to contact your preferred moving company. Box trucks come in various sizes which means you need to be sure you are getting the one with a size compatible with your load. Inform the company of your requirement and other vital details. Also, make sure to get their conditions too. Everyone seems to be in love with box trucks because they are great for both long and short distance move-ins. Plus, they are relatively less expensive!

Seive through the clutter and pack.

When you are through with the transport arrangement, the next step is to purge and get rid of unusable stuff. You may be thinking, “but everything looks so beautiful!” This is an easy thought to have, but it will look a lot less beautiful if you end up spending money to transport it, and then it winds up staying in your garage.

So, what to do is to clear and sort the closets, sell some items, donate good ones and discard some as appropriate. Moreso, you wouldn’t want to incur additional costs for items you will never use again. For that reason, before you start packing, declutter the entire house and you will be glad you saved some bucks.

How much are you taking with you?

As you continue to declutter, be sure of the things you may leave behind. As everything sitting in your current house seems fitting to where they are, like the fireplace, the laundry machines, or the window curtains, they might not feel so right in your new place. Apart from being bulky, they may not fit with the arrangement of the new apartment. What you need to do when packing is to place tags or stickers on those items, as it wouldn’t be fun to bring along curtains you thought you left behind when unpacking.

Stage two: Time to start packing

Labeling can make the task of packing much easier to bear. If you hate daunting episodes, remember to put stickers on the boxes to give you ease of mind when packing. This will also help you know when each box gets on the box truck.

Wrap fragile items.

After labeling the boxes, be careful to wrap glassware and other fragile utensils that may crack on transit. When you are through with packing the glass items, g ather the tiny items in labeled bags. Put the disassembled items, like nuts, bolts, and screws, in a bag and store them in a box.

Stage three: Notify all parties a month before you move

At this stage, you will have to go on and get the basic utilities in your new home ready, such as setting up the internet. Let the post office know of the changes in your location. Find out the rules around moving into your new condo or apartment, as some may not want moving in to occur on certain days. So be sure to find out what applies there. Are there security charges for elevator services? If you are getting a condo, you need to know all these ahead of your move-in.

Stage four: Arrival of Moving Day!

Finally, you have all the things in place and you seem ready to go, or do you want to stay a little more? Not a chance!

As soon as the moving company arrives with the professional movers, your neatly packed boxes in a box truck should be on their way to your new apartment. Similarly, you can also get friends and family to help in the packing if the use of professional movers is too much of a stretch for your budget. Also, if your pet gets a little disturbed with the activity, you can get a pet sitter.

At this stage, hopefully you will agree that moving can be a lot of fun and a stress-free experience! Especially when using the less expensive services of a box truck. Keep these tips in mind, so your moving day will be a memorable day to treasure for a long time!

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