Our Story

Hi!  We are Zeeba, just a few individuals with a passion for automobiles, technology, and customer service.  All these things make us happy.  We truly believe in being the best in what we do.  Picture Zeeba as your commute friend – a friend who shares experiences with you anywhere from a weekend getaway to the Lake to renting a fleet of vans for your organization.  We are the experts in owning, managing, maintaining, and offloading vans while providing a white-glove service to our clients, so your experience renting from Zeeba will be like nothing you have experienced before.


Our Core Values


Doing the right things is always the right thing to do.


Leadership starts from being on the ground floor and in the trenches.


Empathy is at our core and identifying others needs is how we operate in servant leadership.


We aren't stuck in our ways and we understand the changing of times. It's imperative that we adapt to meet the needs of our customers.


Community is when there is common-unity. We are here to connect other who want to connect with experiences.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help reduce the carbon footprint we all leave on this planet when we use inefficient modes of transportation. Why use multiple vehicles for the same journey when one vehicle can transport the same group of people to their destination? Our vans help keep the environment clean by reducing the number of vehicles on the road. 

Our white-glove service along with our latest state of the art technology sets us apart from others. We want to create solutions where the customer wins, the community wins, and the company wins.