Rent a Cargo Van for your next Surfing Trip

Ready to go on a surfing trip of a lifetime with your pals? Ready to ride those waves and perform cool stunts as your friends cheer you on and you have the time of your life? At Zeeba Vans, we are also ready to make that surfing trip as easy and convenient for you as possible.

No surfing trip is complete without all your gear, including surfboards and wetsuits. As we all know, carting those around in your car can be tricky if not impossible. And it’s even more difficult when you have a group of people with all of their own surfing gear.

Your surfing trip does not have to be a tedious and tiring process with your surfing boards squeezed into tight vehicles when you can easily rent a cargo van. Renting a cargo van will help you move from one beach to another as you tour the coast and find bigger waves to ride.


Rent a Cargo Van, a Passenger Van, or both for your Surfing Trip

It’s important to have somewhere roomy enough to hold your wetsuit and other luggage safely while you go for a dip in the ocean. You can travel effortlessly from one coast to another without worrying about your transport needs or how to lug your surfboard around with you as they fit easily into our cargo vans.

If you’re planning a surfing trip with a large group, it’s likely that you’ll need both a cargo van and a passenger van. At Zeeba Vans, we have many different types of vans available for rental. We have 712, and 15 Passenger Vans, as well as Cargo Vans, so no matter how large your group is our vans can accommodate them.

Make your surfing trip much easier and rent a passenger and a cargo van. One or two people can drive the cargo van with everyone’s gear, while everyone else rides in the passenger van.


Start planning your surfing trip today because you deserve the best surf experience and with our cargo vans fitted specially for surfing trips, your daydreams of waves and sunsets will become a reality.