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ev600 (need confirm)

12 Passengers
2,200 lbs
High performance and excellent reviews.
The future has arrived and today it is possible to use electric vans in your business thanks to BrightDrop. In addition to being extremely technological, it came to transform the world of vans through the implementation of new features. This van is suitable for those who already use electric cars and do not want to continue contributing to the exaggerated consumption of common fuels, such as diesel or gasoline. Moreover, the performance of this electric van can also impress you a lot.

About this model

The ideal van for companies that already know their needs.

Spacious and comfortable

This van was created with the package delivery system in mind, so if your company operates in this area, know that BrightDrop can be an excellent option. Plus, big companies are already migrating to the electric van system, so why shouldn’t you do the same? It is spacious and comfortable. It won’t let you down on any kind of task that needs to be done. I’m sure you won’t have any major problems working with it.

Very safe van

This is a very safe van, mainly because it is very technological. As you slow down the van, it gradually recovers its charge, preventing the car from draining battery while it is stationary. This is a novelty that keeps companies very interested in van. Get ready to have a totally innovative experience with this van, including when it comes to safety.

Embrace environmental causes

While this is a relatively new van on the delivery market, it is certainly worth renting at least to understand how it works. This van is unlike any other and is certainly a milestone in the manufacturing of delivery cars. You can rent it here at Zeeba Vans and understand if it really is right for your business or not. More and more large companies are choosing electric cars to work in, in order to reduce pollution and embrace environmental causes.
Powerful engine and fast speed increase.
Powerful engine and fast speed increase.

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