Ford Transit Cargo medium roof 130″WB

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Transit Cargo medium roof 130"WB

2 Passengers
3,250 lbs
Powerful engine and reliable mechanics
If you are starting to expand your business and are looking for a reliable, economical and easy-to-drive van, the Ford Transit will be the best option for you! This van is quite complete and, due to being a relatively simple model, its rental value is very low, which makes it even more attractive for companies that are still in the development phase.

About this model

This van is all that is missing to make your business even more functional!

Medium space van

This is a medium space van, so it’s not cramped but it doesn’t have that much space either. It is a good compromise for those who need to carry packages and people, but without overloading the vehicle. You’ll be amazed at all that can be done within the space available in the Ford Transit. It will certainly suit your needs very well.

Very safe van

This is a very safe van, it has front airbags and for all passengers as well. It is important to remember that, even if it is a van and not an ordinary car, all passengers must wear seat belts. You will have no problem with the safety of this vehicle, but it is very important to always drive carefully so that there are no accidents.

Easy-to-drive vehicle

This is a medium sized van and so it is certainly one of the best options for people who still don’t know very well how to drive a van. Still, it’s very important to understand that speed is felt differently in vans, so don’t feel too confident. It is easy to maneuver and fits in most garages. It’s a useful vehicle, but not all that big compared to other much larger vans we have available. If you are looking for a reliable, safe and easy-to-drive vehicle for your company, the Ford Transit is the best option. In addition, it is very economical, which ensures that you do not spend anything more than necessary.
Its external look does not mean that its interior is not extremely comfortable and technological!
Its external look does not mean that its interior is not extremely comfortable and technological!

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