Ford Transit T350 12 Passegner medium roof

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Transit T350 12 Passegner medium roof

12 Passengers
3900 lbs
10-Spd Automatic w/OD & Selectshift(Standard)
The quality of the Ford Transit is already known by most companies, which still work or, at least, once worked with it. In addition to being a reliable and extremely safe van, it performs well in everything it is proposed to do. This is an economical van and it doesn’t represent a big fuel expense. It may not be as powerful as its competitors, but it will certainly suit all your needs.

About this model

This is the perfect van for those who want to expand their business and increase their areas of expertise.

A medium space van

This is a medium space van, if you have a small business you will hardly need more space than it offers. So, there’s nothing better than testing it: rent a Ford Transit for a period and find out if it works for your business. For larger companies, it may be a good option to choose a van with a more premium finish right away. Also, for very large flows of packages or passengers, a larger van may serve better.

Certainly a safe van

This is certainly a safe van, both when it comes to safety items and mechanics. It will hardly reach very high speeds, so it is not a dangerous vehicle. If you wanted a car that could take your employees or luggage safely from one point to another, you’ve finally found the ideal van. The Ford Transit was made specially for small businesses and their needs.

Comfortable van

Even for those who only have experience driving cars, the Ford Transit is very easy to drive. It is very similar to other vans in similar price ranges. This is a comfortable van for its passengers and, above all, it has excellent value for money. We recommend that you rent it and see how it performs in your daily use.
This is a relatively powerful vehicle for its size, you won’t have any problems with its mechanics.
This is a relatively powerful vehicle for its size, you won’t have any problems with its mechanics.

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