Mercedes Benz Sprinter Cargo highroof, 144: WB

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Sprinter Cargo highroof 144: WB

12 Passengers
3,441 lbs
Easy to park
The Mercedez Sprinter is one of the most reliable vans money can buy. Especially for large companies, it is a great deal. If you intend to buy more than one unit, this van can be one of the most reliable options. This van competes directly with the Ford Transit, which is a basic but very good van as well. But if you want a van with a premium look, choose the Mercedes Sprinter, it has a more sophisticated finish. In addition to being comfortable, it has a very good mechanics. Plus, it picks up speed quickly, which will make your trips less stressful.

About this model

This is a van with excellent interior space, in addition to being much more technological than its competitors.

Very large van

This is a very large van, it can hold up to 12 passengers and over 3,000lbs of luggage. For anyone looking for a versatile vehicle, this van will not disappoint at all. In addition, the space to walk between the seats is also very good, not leaving the feeling of lack of space. But, if you are going over the passenger capacity, it is important to understand that luggage space capacity will be reduced.

Good security features

This van has good security features, so you won’t have any major problems with it.Its emergency braking ensures that there are no very serious collisions. This van also has a good airbag system, which can prevent injuries to passengers in case of an accident.

Excellent option

For those who have no experience driving vans, the Mercedez Sprinter can be an excellent option. Even though it’s quite large, it’s easy to park and drive, so you won’t have a hard time learning. Its reliable mechanics will hardly bring you any problems, which is why most companies buy this van for their fleets.
This car has powerful speakers and can be a good option for longer trips.
This car has powerful speakers and can be a good option for longer trips.

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