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ProMaster Cargo

7 Passengers
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If you already work with vans in your company but want to rent new ones, with more technology and with a more premium finish, I’m sure you’ll love the RAM ProMaster Cargo. This is a beautiful and extremely functional van, in addition to being very powerful, of course. This is a perfect van for those who already understand their business and simply want to improve their fleet even more. For those who don’t have much experience or are just starting to study the possibility of working using vans, it’s a great way to start off on the right foot.

About this model

This van is extremely powerful and will satisfy you in absolutely every aspect.

Extremely spacious

This is an extremely spacious van and you won’t have to think twice about loading it. Your passengers will love the comfort available in this van and will certainly not be uncomfortable traveling long distances in it. This is a premium van and big companies already use it for their operations, so if you want power, style, comfort and durability in a single car, this is the best option for you.

Automatic Braking System

This van is extremely safe and will hardly get you in trouble. It has an automatic braking system and all its technological features can help you a lot too. But make no mistake, just like with any other van, it is very important that passengers keep their seat belts fastened, thus ensuring a safer journey.

Easy to drive

It’s easy to drive and won’t pose any problems even for those who don’t have much experience driving vans. We’re talking about a car with all the best on the market, you won’t be disappointed in absolutely anything with it. Get ready to have in your hands a van of extreme quality and fully equipped to serve you in everything you need. You will be very surprised by this model!
Most comfortable seats in the category.
Most comfortable seats in the category.

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