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We provide fleet rental solutions for unique events and seasonal businesses with no minimum quantity requirement (from one vehicle, to as many as needed). We accommodate your rental needs with no strings attached.


Custom Programs

Fleet Fill-ins & Fleet Expansion
(without absorbing additional capital expenses)

Fundraising & Campaign Transportation Needs

Seasonal Needs

Flexible Rental Terms

›  Custom Mileage Programs
(accommodating high or low mileage needs)

Summer Camp

Colleges and University


And many more special programs for corporate vehicle rental

Flexible Options On Your Terms

Your company is not standard, so why would your vehicle fleet rental program be? Our team of fleet experts is focused on helping companies of every size find the rental options that maximize their bottom line and propel their business forward.


Customize Your Terms


Combine Your Fleet Management Services into One Simple Package


Find the Right Vehicles for Your Drivers

Whatever your financial objectives, you can count on our personalized approach to determine exactly what you need for vehicle fleet leasing and funding.


Buyback Program

If your company owns a fleet of cars and needs to free up capital, our fleet buyback program is a great option.

Key Benefits:

  • - Sell Your Vehicles to Zeeba

  • - Rent Back Fleet Vehicles Immediately

  • - Improve Cash Flow While Keeping Your Fleet on the Road

Need Help?

Choosing between renting and buying your fleet will require you to answer several questions including:

Do you have enough capital upfront to buy?

How are your vehicles being used?

Do you want the newest, latest vehicles?

How do you want to manage your finances?

Why Rent with Zeeba?

We offer innovative fleet solutions, tailored to your industry & fleet size.Certainly, every fleet is different. Zeeba has a wide array of offerings and experts to customize a fleet solution to meet your needs for your particular business and industry. Our rental options range from just a week to a couple of years. We tailor your fleet programs to not only your industry needs but also to your unique corporate objectives and challenges. Zeeba has the expertise to deliver in-depth solutions to meet your complex fleet challenges.

Renting vans for your business can help you avoid the high initial capital cost of purchasing vehicles and provide fleet efficiency. In addition to helping with cash flow, there are many benefits to a commercial van rental over ownership:


Financial Benefits:

  1. › Only pay for the portion of the vehicle you use

  2. › Easily scale your fleet

  3. › Flexible rental terms

  4. › No registration expense

  5. › No maintenance expenses


Operational Benefits:

  1. › Toll Management

  2. › Violation Management

  3. › Maintenance Management

  4. › Accident Management

  5. › Don’t deal with selling your aging fleet when the time comes

  6. › Avoid having a depreciating asset on your books

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