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Zeeba is dedicated to improving fleet solutions for small and medium size business organizations with heavy focus on commercial vehicles.

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We are experts in all aspects of Fleet Management.  By using Zeeba’s Fleet Management services your company can focus entirely on the core of your business.

Why Zeeba?

Fleet Management grows more complex every day. Fortunately, technologies that streamline and automate fleet management are advancing just as swiftly. Zeeba provides the most advanced technology that gives you clear visibility into any aspect of your fleet in a flash. With the fleet data you need at your fingertips, at all times, you can quickly resolve issues, make enhancements,  and more effectively and efficiently operate your business.

Short & Long Term

No matter if you rent a commercial van for short-term to handle seasonal spikes in demand or rent for longer term you can count on Zeeba Vans for commercial transport needs.
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Flexible & Affordable rates

With Zeeba you can rent our vehicles for weeks, months, or years at a flexible and more affordable rate which is more cost-effective and flexible than traditional ownership.

Fleet optimization

At Zeeba we know and understand your business. Each Zeeba customer receives a dedicated account manager that will meet with you per your needs to ensure that Zeeba is providing the necessary support to maintain successful fleet operations. 

Your Zeeba account manager will walk you through the customer onboarding process and will be available for all of your fleet needs such as adding/removing fleet, service/maintenance, billing questions, and fleet optimization through telematics.

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Covered by Zeeba Maintenance/Service Program

Short or Long-Term Rental

Infleet/Defleet According to the Demands of Your Business

Passenger Van Models

Mercedes Metris 7 Passenger​

Chrysler Pacifica 7 Passenger​

Ford Transit 12 Passenger​

Ford Transit 15 Passenger​

Mercedes Sprinter 12 Passenger Van​

Mercedes Sprinter 15 Passenger Van

Zeeba is dedicated to improving fleet solutions for small and medium size business organizations with heavy focus on commercial vehicles.

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Easy to Track

Better Customer Experience

Fast Delivery

Cargo Van Models

Ford Transit High Roof Cargo Van​

Mercedes Sprinter High Roof Cargo Van​

Dodge Promaster High Roof Cargo Van​


Zeeba is dedicated to providing sustainable fleet solutions for our customers.  Zeeba is committed to 50% fleet electrification adoption by Q1 of 2024.




Electric Vehicle Models

Canoo LDV

Ford E-Transit High Roof Cargo
(Available Now)

box truck

Box Truck Models

Chevrolet LCF 4500​​

Available in 14 ft, 16 ft, 20 ft, and 26 ft.

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Turn aging fleet into cash

If you currently have vehicles owned in your fleet and you need to free up cash flow for your company, Zeeba can purchase your fleet and fund within 72 hours, providing a quick cash infusion through the sale. You can either rent or lease back the same vehicles or let us provide new vehicles to you with terms and conditions that make sense to your organization.

Prefer buying? zeeba can still help you out!

We are building the next generation of fleet acquisitions. If you’re interested in buying vans for your fleet, you can check all of our available models on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s very simple to rent a van with Zeeba, all you need to do is to fulfill this form and tell us more about your business and how we can help you.

Yes! Instead of buying, renting your business’s fleet is the perfect choice for those who want to focus on their core business. Don’t worry about managing and maintaining your vans, outsource and let experts manage your fleet.

Yes, it’s the most asked type of rental, because it’s more cost-effective and flexible than buying one. You can rent a van for a week or a month at an affordable price.

There are plenty of reasons why you should rent a van for a long-term, we list 5 below:

  • Avoid vehicle depreciation: Fleet can be vital for your business to succeed. Instead of buying a van for your service, hire a van for a long-term.
  • Peace of mind: You are renting vehicles for as long as you need them, you won’t incur any penalties if you return them early.
  • Cost-effective: Forget about van leasing agreements, it is more cost-effective hiring a van for long-term with flexible rates.
  • Freedom of choice: You aren’t locked into one specific van for the entire period, if you need a bigger, smaller, or faster van, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your hire van whenever you need to.
  •  A flexible approach: Long-term van hire can be tailored to fit your specific needs over time. You can hire a van when your business demands it.

Yes, what’s better for your business. You can rent a van for a short term to handle seasonal spikes in demand. And if you need, you can extend your rental for mid or long-term.

There are plenty of reasons why you should rent a van for a short-term, we list 4 below:

  • Seasonal spikes in demand: if your business needs to handle spikes in demand, short-term rental is perfect to lower overhead costs.
  • Cost-effective: forget about hiring a van for a month, it is more cost-effective hiring a van for short-term
  • Fleet variety: we have small, medium and large vans in our fleet, whatever your business needs are.
  • One-way rental: You can return the van to any of our Zeeba Vans’s locations.

Yes, you can count on us to source vans for use with any of the large last mile delivery providers at rates in-line with monthly vehicle reimbursement allotments.

Yes, Zeeba offers an optional insurance policy, please discuss with your account manager if you would like to enroll. If you were involved in an accident you can contact our team and they will help you.

Zeeba offers direct billing for eligible claims. Ask your adjuster to set you up with a Zeeba rental.

Your Policy: If your policy includes loss of use, rental costs can be covered. Most policies cover up to a daily and total policy limit.

Other Driver’s Policy: If you were not at fault in the accident, discuss your rental needs with the adjuster. They can advise if the claim covers a rental.

Involved in an accident? Please complete the form if your rental van has been involved in an accident or email to

If your question isn’t on here and you need further assistance, please email us at or give us a call at 800.940.9332.

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