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Zeeba is dedicated to improving fleet solutions for small and medium size business organizations with heavy focus on commercial vehicles. We realize not all companies fit a one-size-fits-all rental approach, so we think outside the box to deliver creative solutions. 

Our goal is to develop a flexible, turnkey solution for your size of fleet that gets you the vehicles you need, when and where you need them. It’s an entirely new model that eliminates long-term commitment and so many more responsibilities you would have as a fleet owner.

We are experts in owning, managing, maintaining, and selling vans while providing a white-glove service to our clients.

We take care of everything. Maintenance. Registration. Toll and Claims Management.

Do you own old vans? We’ll buy them and rent you new vans with free maintenance.

7-Passenger Van Rentals

Mercedes Metris Dodge Grand Caravan or similar

12-Passenger Van Rentals

Ford Transit or similar

15-Passenger Van Rentals

Ford Transit or similar

Cargo Truck Rentals

Ford Transit or similar


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Customize Your Terms. Combine Your Fleet Management Services into One Simple Package. Find the Right Vehicles for Your Drivers.




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Your company is not standard, so why would your vehicle fleet rental program be? Our team of fleet experts is focused on helping companies of every size find the rental options that maximize their bottom line and propel their business forward.

Zeeba has adapted to every need we have and provided a brand new fleet of vans!

Takashi Jiro DSP Business Owner

    Customize Your Terms

    Every company has different processes and ways of doing business. We're happy to adapt to you.

    Simple Packages

    Combine Your Fleet Management Services into One Simple Package.

    Vehicle Selection

    Find the Right Vehicles for Your Drivers so they get the job done.


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    Rental Policies​​​​​

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Yes. You must be at least 21 years of age to drive our vans.

    Yes. We offer 24-hour drop off, 7 days a week. Please refer to our after hours policy for more information.

    Not yet, but we are hoping to have this ability soon!

    Of course we allow all our vans to travel to Burning Man. However, a $450 cleaning fee will be added to your reservation and you will have to notify the rental agent at the time of pick up that you are traveling to Burning Man for everyone’s convenience.
    Airport pick-up and drop-offs can be done upon special request, however, it must be approved with an agent 48 hours prior to reservation date.
    No, the seats cannot be removed. Sorry!
    Yes, we do. You are allowed to cross into the three adjacent states from your pick up location. We also allow you to drive into Canada and Mexico. States outside of these geographic borders are prohibited and will be subject to a surcharge daily rate of $399. All vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking device notifying us of state/border crossings. Please refer to our rental policies page for more information.
    We accept debit cards and all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express).
    2 additional drivers are allowed per vehicle for no additional charge. Additional drivers must meet the same requirements as the renter. Please refer to our rental policies page for more information.
    Our cargo vans include 200 miles per day, and $0.30 for each additional mile – regardless of the number of rental days. All other van types (minivans, 12 and 15 passengers) include 200 miles for one day rentals and $0.30 for each additional mile. Rentals of two days or more include free unlimited mileage.